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Advanced Open Source Intelligence

This training focus on how to use Internet as an Investigative Tool. 

Training Overview

As Internet had found its use in almost all the places in our lives. However whatever we do on internet leave trails of breadcrums.
In today’s information-based economy, online research, investigations and analysis skills are something which are required at all levels of an organization as well as individuals, in both the public and private sectors. Having said that, acquiring useful and relevant Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and corelating this information to find actionable intelligence requires quite a lot more than just knowing how to use browsers. 

This training will leverage this and strive to achieve a caricature of the target using OSINT Tools and techniques.

In this training, candidates will learn how to use OSINT in investigations and how to perform advanced search for mining information in Websites/Social-Media/DarkNet. While examining a number of case studies, we will cover various OSINT tools and advance techniques for finding, collecting and co-relating publicly available information related to the target, be it a person, company, email, or any other small piece of available information.

While many of such utilities are readily available, few custom scripts will also be distributed to candidates (at their will, of course).



Social Media INT (SocMINT)


Data Corelation




Course Details

16 Hours (2 days), if delivered in Hands-On style.

8 Hours (1 Day), if delivered in Instructor Led manner.

This training program will cover a huge number of OSINT and investigative techniques. For example:

- Finding leaked information across millions of pages
- Tools and techniques for exploring DarkNet
- Identifying target's historic social media posts
- Targetting a subject based on their online activities
- Identifying target's sleeping activity
- Finding information from archived web pages
- Finding information from Forums/Discussion board
- Advanced Google/Bing/Github search operators
- Facebook Graph search and Linkedin Advanced Queries
- Extract actionable intelligence from fb/twitter/instagram/etc.
- Finding and plotting target's location history
- Multimedia Search and Retention Tools
- Creating custom search engines
- Identifying accounts behind an email address
- Breach Status of target and Email Ids.
- Find all social accounts of a person
- Using Reverse Image Search for comprehensive analysis
- Understanding target's personality using Machine Learning
- Extracting MetaData from user's documents
- Graphing and Charting
- Useful Browser Add-ons.
- Connecting the Dots and deriving Information from Raw Data
- Using tools like DataSploit/Maltego/ for Automated OSINT
- Searching target's information in Government portals

This course is ideally useful for
-  Investigators
- Risk Management Professionals
- Milatary Personnel
- Law Enforcement Professionals
- Recruiters
- Researchers
- Insurance Investigators

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