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We are working in Information Security and Open Source Intelligence space and we are always up for hiring the best minds in the industry. 

We have a highly technical team, which is amazing to work with. We are ambitious, hard working and fun at the same time. 

If you want to become a part of the revolutionary work we are doing, get in touch with us at jobs [at] redhuntlabs [dot] com. 

Job Openings

We are looking for a full stack developer who can lead the design and development of our products and services.

Core Responsibilities:
- Build and maintain a scalable data collection and processing engine.
- Design and upgrade the software architecture.

Required Skills:
- Backend: Hands-on experience in Python/Golang, Web Frameworks (Django, Flask, etc.) and APIs.
- Good knowledge of large scale data mining, parsing and processing.
- Experience with NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, etc.)
- Familiarity with Front End development (UI/UX).
- Knowledge of Software Architecture Planning.
- Solid understanding of *nix operating systems.
- Good understanding of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Data correlation and Information Security.
- Exposure to cloud services and integrations. Bonus points if you have relevant experience working with the same.

About Us:
We are a seed funded startup working in Information Security and Open Source Intelligence space. 

Include your public contributions i.e. Github Repos/Linkedln/Blogs, etc. in your application. While this is not mandatory, this definitely gets you some brownie points.


RedHunt Labs Limited
Heydon Lodge Flint Cross, Newmarket Road, Heydon, Royston, United Kingdom,
Company Number: 11954083 


Twitter: @redhuntlabs
Facebook: /redhunt.labs
Phone: +91-9971658929