Get a Free Attack Surface Report
for your Organization

Free Attack Surface Report
for your Domain.

We are offering a Free Attack Surface Report to the first 100 organizations that are interested in mapping their attack surface and uncover their blind spots.

What is included?

  • Asset Discovery (Internet facing IPs, Subdomains, Apps, CodeRepos, Acquisitions, etc.)
  • Data Leakages (API keys, Tokens, credentials, etc.)
  • Security Vulnerabilities (on the discovered assets)
* If you would like to receive free domain report for domain other than your email address, drop an email to freereport [at] We are happy to help.
* If you have any confusion, questions or queries, please drop an email to info [at]

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" NVADR provides a central platform for managing and tracking different components of Perimeter Security including Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Discovery, Penetration Testing and Data Leak Monitoring."

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