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Extensive Asset Discovery

Our Asset Discovery Engine not only discover IP Addresses, Subdomains, Instances, but also finds assets like Git Repos, Leaked Credentials, Buckets, etc. 

Attack Your Attack Surface

Discovered Assets are passed on to the Attack phase where both traditional scans along with Non Traditional checks are done to expose unknown risks.

Continous Monitoring

Organizations can choose to schedule the Discovery and Attack flow on regular intervals which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annualy.

Easy Integration through APIs 

Our Product is API driven and hence provides an easy integration with your tools, process or even your CI/CD pipeline. 

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Beta Release for Customers

With rapid advancement in cloud and other areas, organizations face a lot of problem in terms of discovery and tracking their assets, especially public resources including not only IP Addresses, subdomains, cloud instances, but also git repos, cloud storage objects, and much more. 

Blame it on Dynamic and Hybrid Infrastructure, Legacy systems, isolated teams or some minor configuration issue in your CI/CD pipeline, tracking the assets exposed on internet has became relatively difficult. 

Not only that, with advancement in tech stacks, the kind of security issues which can cause catastrophic damage, have also evolved. The public assets needs to be regularly tested for security issues as well as vulnerability resurfacing. Examples of such issues (not limited to) are:

  • DNS Servers pointing to IP Addresses not owned by organizations. 
  • Cloud Storage buckets having miscofigured access controls.
  • Sensitive Login Portals
  • Domains/Subdomains with expired certificates
  • Default URLs of Frameworks/CMS systems exposing critical information
  • Databases with weak credentials exposed on internet
  • Legacy IPs/Subdomains which you don't even remember
  • Thousands of IP Addresses exposing dangerous ports
  • Developers leaking credentials in Open Source Projects
  • Third Party API Tokens leaked on source aggregators
  • Password dumps containing Credentials.
  • Misconfigured Thirdy Party services causing Subdomain Takeover
  • And a lot more.... 

The only way these problems can be solved is by continously discovering and monitoring the list of assets you own, across different cloud providers, datacenters, or wherever the machines are hosted; Locating any leaked information about the assets using OSINT; Running modern security checks on these assets; Notifying the teams; And doing this continously.

We also support easy integrations with your existing tools in order to make sure the solution can fit in quickly in your different processes including deployment, alerting, bug tracking, etc. 

Our Dashboard provides 360 degree view of your infrastructure security landscape and gives you easy access to identify the loopholes not only in the machines, but also in processes adopted by different teams within your organization. 

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