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Advanced Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration testing, Simulation of real world attacks, No sales and marketing tantrums. To the point, Pentest. 

Advanced Penetration testing service for companies to assess their information security defenses by combining different tactics, tools and procedures. We simulate the activities of a real time attacker in as accurate manner as possible and evaluate the maximum damage possible from smallest of weak configurations. 
  • We don't believe in wasting time on either side. We will try to work out a schedule that works well for both us as well as our customer. In case, it cannot be worked out, we will let you know our timelines and won't keep you hanging or do a penetration test in a rush.
  • While engagement is going on, we will keep you updated with any Critical/High risk vulnerability we identify so as to minimize the last minute surprises. 
  • All our rules for the engagement will be clearly mentioned in the Statement of Agreement (SOA) before the pentest kicks in. 
  • We do not have a huge sales team for our pentesting services. If you contact us, you will be contacted by one of our technical member to understand if we, as a company, are a mutual fit for you or not. 
Our penetration testing exercises are extremely comprehensive and hence we take our own sweet time for such projects. All our pentesting assignments have a One Week Minimum duration and if you are merely looking for some checklist based work, we probably are not the right company for you.

Before every pentest, we talk to our customer to understand the areas of their major concerns, goal of the security assessment, what are the possible threats, etc. With all this information, our we focus on delivering the best value to our customer.

What all do we pentest?

Comprehensive web application pen tests from our security experts

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities and verify that your infrastructure is resilient against the most advanced network level attacks.

Mobile applications’ access to internal systems, processes, and data continues to grow. RedHunt Lab's deep-dive manual processes identify weaknesses and ensure mobile application security.

We simulate real-world attacks to provide a point-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your wireless network infrastructure.

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