Project Resonance - Datasets

All the datasets accumulated in Project Resonance are analyzed and released freely on internet. Before releasing the datasets, we responsibly inspect and make sure that no confidential information goes out in public.

If you come across any confidential data which might affect an organization in terms of its security, please do let us know and we will remove such data immediately. We also encourage you to do a responsible disclosure to the concerned organization in such case.

List of Datasets

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Top Vulnerable Subdomain Keywords

List of top vulnerable subdomains for Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability.

Last Updated: 19th November, 2020

Top Unknown Headers

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Last Updated: NA

HTTP Hosts

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Last Updated: NA

Want to use this data for understanding your your Organization's External Attack Surface?

NVADR comes preloaded with this data for Comprehensive Attack Surface Management of your organization and giving you complete visibility on the Hacker's view of your external security posture.

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