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Red Teaming

Would you like to know how well your organization would detect and respond to a targeted attack?

Out of all kind of risk assessment exercises, a Red Team exercise is the closest you can get to know how well your organization is prepared against skillfuly planned targetted attack. 

Our Red Team provides penetration testing and attack simulation using the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of advanced and sophisticated attacks.

We employ a robust Red Team simulation methodology that is well established and proven. All steps and phases in our methodology are carefully planned and are intended to minutely mimic the actions of a skilled targetted malicious actor. Unless the requirement is not bespoke, we go by the following phases:

  • Reconnaissaince  - Gathering data about the target from public sources.
  • Data Enrichment - Assorting gathered data, enriching it for further attack phases and staging potential attack methodologies.
  • Exploitation - Using TTPs, exploiting the identified vulnerabilities in a targetted manner. 
  • Lateral Movement - Escalating the control over the organization by covertly compromising other assets. 
  • Target Action -  As dicussed in initial meetings and scoping, actions are performed on the compromised targets. 
  • Persistance - If persistance has to be tested, persistant access to the network and successfull data exfiltration will be performed while mimicing the real world attackers.

Bespoke Red Team assessments we provide.


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