Solve the Puzzle and Get a Chance to win an IPAD

Blackhat Event poster A3 03
Whats the Sum Puzzle BHAsia


1. Solve this puzzle and find the value of X.
2. Fill the in the Raffle Ticket along with your Name, Email and Badge Number.
3. Submit the Raffle Ticket in the Raffle Box at the RedHunt Labs Booth (IC 76 - Innovation City).
4. Attend the Lucky Draw event at 2 PM, 11th August at the RedHunt Labs Booth.


1. Make sure you are wearing the RedHunt Labs badge at the time of lucky draw.
2. Lucky Draw Winner should be present at the booth at the time of lucky draw. If the person is not around, we will call out the winner's name three times. If the winner does not show up, we will skip the person and pick for another lucky draw winner.
3. The badge number in the selected Raffle Ticket should match the Badge Number worn by the lucky draw winner. Since badge is the only way we can identify the true winner, having mismatch in the badge numbers will result in disqualification.

4. Winner is required to share the winning picture (with RedHunt Labs Badge and the iPad) on the Twitter / LinkedIn.