The Ultimate Guide to Android SSL Pinning Bypass

Covers everything you need to know about Android SSL Pinning Bypass.

Content Overview

Most mobile applications that process payments or PII data have SSL pinning. OWASP Mobile Appsec Standard even recommends it for apps handling sensitive data.  This guide will walk you through SSL Pinning basics, how it’s implemented, and various tools and methods to bypass such protection in the Android Apps.

The ebook covers offensive and defensive side of SSL Pinning and includes the following:

What is SSL Pinning

How is SSL Pinning Implemented

Bypassing SSL Pinning

What is Not SSL Pinning

How to Identify if SSL Pinning is Enabled

About Author

Chandrapal is a Security Researcher with deep knowledge of defensive as well as offensive security roles. He has a great hands on understanding of applications with modern security standards and architectures.

In past few engagements, he found some exceptional ways to bypass SSL pinning and hence he talked about SSL pinning in details in this e-book.