Discover. Attack. Repeat.

Continuous Attack Surface Management Visibility

Find Your Assets Cloud Buckets Sensitive Secrets Services Code Repos Mobile Apps Network Ranges Docker Images Exposed Publicly

Discover. Attack. Repeat.

Continuous Attack Surface Management

Find your Untracked Assets Exposed Services Cloud Buckets Leaked Secrets Code Repos Mobile Apps Network Ranges Docker Images

Discover. Attack. Repeat.

Continuous Attack Surface Management

Find your Untracked Assets Exposed Services Cloud Buckets Leaked Secrets Code Repos Mobile Apps Network Ranges Docker Images

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Continuous Attack Surface Management

Asset Discovery
Beyond Subdomains

‘NVADR’ allows you to continuously discover your organization’s publicly exposed assets including IPs, Subdomains, Code repositories, Mobile applications, Docker registries, Supply chain assets, ASN Ranges, etc. and help you track your Attack Surface before attackers do. 

Comprehensive & Continuous Reconnaissance

Our Continuous Monitoring platform keep an eye on literally every commit leaking credential, secret keys, tokens, etc. and with our powerful reverse mapping, we notify you immediately if it belongs to your organization, so that you don’t wait for a breach to happen. 

Modern Age Security
Risk Assessment

Our state of the art scan engine includes traditional as well as modern attack vectors and accurately identifies security risks across discovered hosts, networks, mobile applications continuously so that you have 100% visibility of your External Security Posture.  

You can't secure what you don't know.

Gain continuous visibility of your ever-evolving Attack Surface, whether originating from your dynamic infrastructure, cloud components, sales & marketing teams, mergers/acquisitions or scattered third party integrations. 
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Data Driven Security

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TBs of Data Processed Daily
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Billion Data Records

Detailed Asset Inventory

NVADR profiles your assets using multiple techniques and maintain a comprehensive Asset Inventory of your Assets.

This allow you to manage your external infrastructure and prioritize your actions. No false positives and filling noise.​​


Find your Untracked Hosts ? Services ? Buckets ? Secrets ? Databases ?

Find your Untracked

Hosts ? Services ? Buckets ? Secrets ? Databases ?

When it comes to finding data, we don't rely on just one source, especially when we have to make sure that we don't miss out assets exposed publicly.
We not only just scan and collect the data from the Internet, we also launch real-time data collectors followed by carefully designed verification process.
We scan the Internet regularly, where we find ALL the publicly available hosts/services. On top of it, we apply 25+ correlation patterns and map these assets to possible owners.  When you hit a scan, we dive into our TeraBytes of data and get you the right information.

We not just scan the internet for open ports, but also go a little ahead and ‘respectfully’ crawl the HTTP endpoints in order to generate more concrete mappings between the assets and the asset owners. 

Our Data Collecting Bots are super hard working folks who recklessly keep an eye on all kinds of data coming into public sources. This generates around 50 TB Data every day and we pass it to our DataEaters. These bots filter out the noise and keep the relevant information handy to be searched by our Scanners.

We also use some carefully Hand-picked trusted 3rd party sources to find you the most meaningful information and get you a comprehensive Asset Inventory. 

We have designed our own powerful search engines which allow our Scanners to perform a live search for your organization. These searches also includes results from multiple other search engines.

Agentless Solution.

No Installation / Setup Required.

One Stop Solution for your Perimeter Security

Automated Asset Discovery

Our Asset Discovery engine can find all your untracked Internet Facing assets within minutes.

Monitor Data Leakage

Monitor sensitive data leakage on Code Aggregators and paste(s) with a timely notification to your Slack, Email, etc.

Get Verified Information. No Noise.

Our verification engine filters out any junk data and reports only results which matter.

Identify Hosts Across Internet

We scan the internet frequently and can find your untracked hosts / services in minutes.

Differential Scan Data

With periodic assessments, we provide historic comparison and find vulnerabilities without waiting for annual cycle.

Detailed Asset Inventory

Manage, Filter and Track Assets with their profiled information (eg. Tech Stack, Asset Classification, Title, etc.)

Seamlessly Integrates with your stack.

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