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BurpSuite Asset Discover

Burp Suite extension to discover assets from HTTP response.

Maltego Scripts

Custom Maltego scripts for various reconnaissance relates tasks.


OSINT Framework - Supported by RedHunt Labs


Confluence pre-auth ONGL injection remote code execution scanner (CVE-2022-26134).


Hunt4Spring helps with identifying as well as exploiting URLs which are potentially vulnerable to CVE-2022-22965 aka Spring4Shell.


An automated, reliable scanner for the Log4Shell CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability.


Burp Suite extension to discover assets from HTTP response.


KubeStalk is a tool to discover Kubernetes and related infrastructure based attack surface from a black-box perspective.


An automated tool which can simultaneously crawl, fill forms, trigger error/debug pages and "loot" secrets out of the client-facing code of sites.

Online IDE and Paste Search Engine

A Custom Google Search Engine that helps finding sensitive information in. Online IDEs, Paste(s) sites, Code Sharing Platforms.

RedHunt OS

Virtual Machine for Adversary Emulation and Threat Hunting

Awesome Asset Discovery

List of Awesome Asset Discovery Resources