Penetration Testing Services

Out-of-the-Box Approach and Context-Driven Security Testing with a Great Customer Support. Period.

Setting the Gold Standard in Pentesting

We provide advanced Penetration Testing services for companies that are serious about finding security loopholes within their systems. We simulate the activities of a real-time attacker in an accurate manner by using the right Tools, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

Our experienced and industry renowned pen-testers provide comprehensive coverage on the scope and evaluate the maximum damage possible from the smallest of weak configurations.

Web Applications Assessment

Automated as well as Manual Pentesting including Fuzzing, Business Logic Testing, context driven test cases, OWASP Top 10, Modern Attacks, Attack Chaining, Race Conditions, Reconnaissance, and a lot more.

Mobile Application

Deep Mobile Pentesting covering Reverse Engineering, Static, Runtime and Network Analysis, Bypassing Root Detection and SSL Pinning, Dynamic Instrumentation, and a lot more.

API Security Testing

Our API Security Testing includes thorough checks around Session Management, IDORs, Race Conditions, Rate Limitings, Data Exposures, Authentication issues, Injection Attacks, and a lot more.

Network VAPT

Employing an expansive array of advanced techniques encompassing comprehensive network discovery, enumeration, attacking, and exploitation, our network penetration testing ensures a robust coverage, be it attack chaining from external website, or compromising Domain Trusts across Forests environments.

Red Team Exercises

Utilizing a diverse range of sophisticated methodologies, including adversarial simulation, covert infiltration, deception tactics, and real-world attack emulation, our Red Team exercises provide an all-encompassing assessment of your organization's security resilience.

Cloud Security Review

Our Cloud Security Reviews offer an extensive evaluation of your cloud infrastructure across platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, Hybrid Cloud, etc. using in-depth configuration analysis, identity and access management scrutiny, data encryption assessment, and threat modeling, and a lot more.

Checkout our Sample Report.

We take pride in the breadth and depth of assessments we perform and the way we document them in our comprehensive reports. If you would like to see our sample report, go ahead and request our sample report.