Assest Discovery Beyond Subdomains

Discovery, Track and Secure your Exposed Assets

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    Actionable Intelligence at Your Fingertips

    How Does It Work?

    Gain continuous visibility of your ever-evolving Attack Surface, whether originating from your dynamic infrastructure, cloud components, sales & marketing teams, mergers/acquisitions, or scattered third-party integrations.


    Setup Seed Information

    You provide us with the seed information, such as your company domain(s)


    Asset Discovery With NVADR

    Using 'NVADR', we discover your perimeter attack surface and monitor for sensitive data leakage.


    Data Leak Monitoring

    A comprehensive vulnerability assessment is performed on the discovered assets and security issues with an actual impact are identified.


    Continuous Security Review

    Continuously monitor the Internet for code / secret information leakage notify you as any such information about your organization is leaked.


    Detailed Reporting With Analytics

    A detailed report is provided with analytics, stats and visualizations for your organization's Attack Surface.

    Our Process

    Discover your Untracked Assets and Exposures

    • Associated Domains
    • IP Addresses
    • Subdomains
    • ASN Ranges
    • M&A Data
    • Mobile Applications
    • Code Orgs / Repos
    • Cloud Storage Objects
    • Untracked Hosts
    • Leaked Tokens
    • Expired Certificates
    • Leaked Credentials
    • Exposed Services
    • Subdomain Takeover
    • Leaked API Keys
    • Security Issues

    Find your Untracked

    When it comes to finding data, we don’t rely on just one source, especially when we have to make sure that we don’t miss out on assets exposed publicly. We not only just scan and collect the data from the Internet, but we also launch real-time data collectors followed by a carefully designed verification process.

    Connect Cloud Infrastructure

    Seamlessly integrate your AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM cloud infrastructure with NVADR and keep a close eye on all your publicly exposed cloud assets.

    The agent-less integration allows you to extract your public assets and continuously monitor your Cloud Infrastructure.

    Internet-Wide Scans

    We scan the Internet regularly, where we find ALL the publicly available hosts/services. On top of it, we apply 25+ correlation patterns and map these assets to possible owners. When you hit a scan, we dive into our TeraBytes of data and get you the right information.

    Massive Web Crawlers

    We not just scan the internet for open ports, but also go a little ahead and ‘respectfully’ crawl the HTTP endpoints in order to generate more concrete mappings between the assets and the asset owners.

    Data Collecting Bots

    Our Data Collecting Bots are super hard-working folks who keep an eye on all the kinds of data coming into public sources. This generates around 50 TB of Data every day and we pass it to our Data-Eaters. These bots filter out the noise and keep the relevant information handy to be searched by our Scanners.

    Trusted Sources

    We also use some carefully Hand-picked trusted 3rd party sources to find you the most meaningful information and get you a comprehensive Asset Inventory.

    Dedicated Search Engines

    We also use some carefully Hand-picked trusted 3rd party sources to find you the most meaningful information and get you a comprehensive Asset Inventory.

    Why Redhunt?


    Detailed Asset Inventory Filter Assets based on

    NVADR profiles your assets using multiple techniques and maintains a comprehensive Asset Inventory of your Assets. This allows you to manage your external infrastructure and prioritize your actions. No false positives and filling noise.

    1000+ VERIFIED Data Leaks Captured Every Hour

    Along with all kinds of Assets information, harness the power of our heavy data collecting engines which keep an eye on the Internet all day, all night. As soon as any of such information pops out related to your organization, we send an immediate notification to your preconfigured channels (Email, Slack, etc.)

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