We at @RedHuntLabs have always been supportive as well as a part of the Community Events.


Recon Village

An Open Space with Talks, Live Demos, Workshops, Discussions, CTFs with a common focus on Reconnaissance. Founders of RedHunt Labs, Shubham and Sudhanshu co-founded Recon Village back in 2017 and have been running it smoothly with their support. We have always extended our full support to the event.


Start Ville

StartVille is an initiative by @NullCon to promote cybersecurity startups to pitch their innovative products at the conference. A StartVille there will be a judging panel to judge the best innovative product in cybersecurity every year. RedHunt Labs has been running the StartVillet event with @nullcon team from the very beginning and has been trying to support new Cyber Security Startups.

Looking for Sponsorships?

If your event is into Cyber Security, Digital Infrastructure, or Open Source Intelligence, we might be interested in sponsoring your event.

We also help communities with Mentorship, CTF challenges, logistics and other areas which requires a lot of efforts and planning.

Get in touch, Drop us an email at sponsorship@redhuntlabs.com.

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