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RedHunt Labs, an Attack Surface Management (ASM) company, appoints cybersecurity business leader James Hanlon as an Advisor

RedHunt Labs, an Attack Surface Management and security consultation company, helping infosec teams track and reduce their attack surfaces has appointed cybersecurity business leader James Hanlon as an advisor. The company’s Attack Surface Management platform helps businesses continuously discover, track, and keep a check on their proliferating IT landscape (modern attack surface) and helps identify “public assets” exposed on the internet that leads to dangerous security risks.

RedHunt Labs an Attack Surface Management (ASM) company appoints Daniel Cuthbert as an Advisor

RedHunt Labs, an Attack Surface Management company helping security and IT teams track and reduce their digital exposure, has appointed the world-renowned infosec expert and industry veteran Daniel Cuthbert as an advisor. The company’s Attack Surface Management platform helps organisations to continuously discover and track their ever-expanding modern attack surface and identify security risks exposed on the internet, which otherwise can cause catastrophic damage.

Rampant CNAME misconfiguration leaves thousands of organizations open to subdomain takeover attacks

RedHunt Labs found more than 424,000 subdomains with misconfigured CNAME records during a automated trawl of 220 million hosts. How many of these sites were abandoned, such as if they belonged to defunct organizations, was unclear “because we need to lookup company registries to get that information”, said Mittal. Aided by HTTP response grabbing, the researchers also uncovered evidence that 139 of Alexa’s top 1,000 domains may have fallen prey to subdomain takeovers.

RedHunt Labs studied internet-wide domains for severe vulnerability, 400K+ found to be prone

Attack Surface Management company, RedHunt Labs, recently revealed that thousands of subdomains. across multiple industry verticals, are prone to Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability based on the large-scale study performed by their research team. As companies have adopted modern and dynamic infrastructure, the majority of attacks and breaches take place outside of the firewall. With so many third party associations and modern application practices, assets exist not only in an organization's network but also in places which are outside the control of organizations. While such assets pose the same amount of security risk, they are difficult to be tracked using traditional Cyber Security products....

RedHunt Labs Launches 'NVADR' - Attack Surface Management (ASM) Solution

RedHunt Labs, a UK based Cyber Security company, has launched its Attack Surface Management Platform NVADR for organizations to gain holistic visibility of their perimeter security. NVADR provides Continuous Asset Discovery as well as Data Leak Monitoring through its wide-spread distributed collectors and notifies organizations in case a new asset/data leak/security vulnerability belonging to the organization, surfaces on the internet. Through deep correlation algorithms, the verification engine maps assets to the organization and verifies the ownership, thus removing the noise and showing only actionable information.

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RedHunt Labs is a UK Based Attack Surface Management company which helps organizations keep a track of their true Attack Surface on a continuous basis and identify security risks and exposures before attackers do. RedHunt Lab’s SaaS based offering NVADR, maps the whole internet from different angles using their thousands of clustered devices and helps organizations capture their Unknown Unknowns, including Crown Jewels, Shadow IT, Untracked Assets, etc. which can expose a security misconfiguration or sensitive data. The security exposures identified by RedHunt Labs do not contain any false positive and all you get is actionable intelligence.

RedHunt Labs is a UK Based Attack Surface Management company which helps organizations keep a track of their true Attack Surface on a continuous basis and identify security risks and exposures before attackers do using their SaaS offering – NVADR.

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