RedHunt Labs - Partner Program

Help your customers Track their 'Actual' Attack Surface and keep them secure around the year.

Why Partner with us?

The legacy systems solving Cyber Security challenges don’t work effectively in today’s modern age of dynamic infrastructure and distributed IT ecosystems. The ever-evolving attack surface is extremely difficult to keep track of and hence a predefined list of assets scanned by traditional tools doesn’t work any more. Organizations, therefore, need to keep up to date with the Hacker’s view of their perimeter security. 
RedHunt Labs help organizations uncover such untracked assets, shadow IT assets, and hidden data leaks, continuously. These gaps could post a huge underlying risk on the organization’s perimeter and often lead to breaches and regulatory violations.
What can you offer to your clients?

Innovative Solution

The NVADR solution is a highly research-driven Innovative solution for Attack Surface Management, an emerging market in the Cyber Security space.

Enhanced Portfolio

While you might already have a plenty of Security Scanners and SIEM solutions, NVADR offers a very unique value propositions which certainly enhances your portfolio. 

Continuous Security

NVADR offers attack surface management and perimeter security as a continuous process and helps keep your customers secure round the year, not just a one-time affair.

As a partner of RedHunt Labs, you will be able to transform the way your clients manage & secure their external attack surface.

Low Customer Acquisition Cost
Agentless Solution
No Technical Training Required
Competitive Edge
Recurring Revenue
SaaS Platform, No Setup Required.

Our Trusted Partners

appdistri logo

Application Distribution specializes in App development, deployment & distribution. They distribute innovative applications developed by the smartest engineers.

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Hindustan Systems Co offers a full spectrum of WorkForce Outsourcing Solutions, from recruiting and pre-screening, to testing and interviewing, reducing your hiring timelines and recruitment costs.

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Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd provides end-to-end Security solutions for all categories of Information Technology products for major international brands and relationship with major brands have been for years.

The SecOps Group

Founded by industry veterans, The SecOps Group has over 15 years of experience in providing cyber security consultancy and have worked with some of the largest blue chip companies.

If you are a distributor/ channel partner looking to expand your portfolio and deliver modern security solutions to your customers, get in touch to schedule a discussion.

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