Sudhanshu Chauhan
Sudhanshu Chauhan
Director and the Operations Head. #attacker.

Hello World

Hello World! This is our first blog post. Let’s start with who we are, what do we do, and how do we operate. RedHunt Labs was founded with the belief that the security of your data and assets should be simple. We provide InfoSec and OSINT consulting, Trainings and a SaaS offering - nVadr, for asset discovery and continuous monitoring.

With its research-driven approach and constantly updated skill set, RedHunt Labs keeps a tab on how modern adversaries operate and continuously evolves to stay ahead. This allows the team to deliver services which fulfill clients’ individual needs and goals without becoming a bottleneck to their business functions.

The team have worked in both offensive and defensive security with a great emphasis on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Data Discovery. With comprehensive understanding of software engineering and developer operations, key gaps are identified between the security, the engineering and the operation teams as well as simplistic solutions are provided to bridge these gaps. Combining various approaches such as comprehensive asset discovery, hybrid assessment methodology, continuous monitoring, large scale data collection and analysis the team strives to deliver practical security to its clients.

Instead of a sales team, RedHunt Labs banks on it’s technical team to understand each client’s scope and expectations for any of its services. Be it their consulting services or hands-on training classes, they all are customized to each individual customer’s bespoke requirements and the target attack surface. This allows the team to provide tailored solutions which fit the client’s needs instead of pushing predefined buttons on run of the mill scanners. Every solution delivered by the team comes with periodic updates and feedback loop to keep the process transparent and communicate the milestones reached.

When not immersed in solving unique and interesting challenges for its customers, RedHunt Labs publishes, contributes and supports widely used cybersecurity tools/frameworks and features at leading industry conferences including BlackHat and DefCon as trainers, presenters, and village organizers.